IT strategy: future-proof

You rarely have time to think about your IT strategy? We study your organisation, map out a vision for its future with you and transpose it into a targeted action plan.

Our IT strategy? Tomorrow perhaps…

As an IT manager, tackling with your organisation’s daily IT challenges is a full-time job.
You rarely have the time to think about your IT strategy, even though you know that this will help you avoid downtime in the future and keep an overview of the panoply of IT trends and hypes.

What if you had a partner who:

  • Is familiar with the ins and outs of your organisation and knows what you want to achieve?
  • Knows all about the latest trends and technology and can weed out what is relevant for you?
  • Helps you choose the right direction and transpose it into the adequate tools?

The outcome? A clear long-term strategy and an action plan that will help you make timely and relevant changes to your IT. So your organisation and its IT strategy are always future-proof.

We would like to be that partner. Call on us for:

IT scans: know where you stand and know your priorities

We evaluate the current situation, where you stand today, with a baseline measurement. We then make targeted recommendations to prepare your IT for the future. Often quick wins will emerge that deliver immediate results.

Certification: obtain the certificates you need

After critically reviewing the desired certificate – does your IT and organisation really need this? – we conduct a preliminary audit to check whether you are indeed ready for the audit. This is a good way of avoiding useless or overlapping investments. We also help prepare your organisation to obtain the right certificate.

IT vision: establish the foundation for efficient action and compliance

What are the long-term goals of your IT organisation? What are the priorities? We clearly define these in your IT vision. The objective: actions and investments that strengthen each other while being compliant with legislation.

Project portfolio planning: invest in relevant projects

Avoid IT projects that waste time and money although they are no longer relevant. Project portfolio planning allows you to check every project against the right performance indicators (KPIs) so you only invest in IT projects that advance your organisation.

Why do customers turn to Certios?

  • Smart time savings | You know that your IT strategy is important but don’t really have the time to focus on it? We can be up to speed in no time at all because of our years of experience in IT management and hardware. The result? An IT strategy that prepares your organisation for the future.
  • Credible budget | You’d like a sufficient budget for your projects? Clearly define what you want to achieve with this budget thanks to an IT strategy and action plan. You’ve developed a vision and you’d like an independent partner to check it for you? We will gladly do this for you.
  • Objective IT advice | Sellers often only provide information about hardware and software, but they are not always objective. We have contacts with several IT suppliers and can help you compare. We are also completely independent and never accept commissions.

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