IT privacy: a clear action plan for GDPR compliance.

Protect your employees and customers against privacy data loss or misuse with IT privacy. We will help your organisation become GDPR-compliant and avoid sanctions.

IT privacy: part and parcel of your business

IT privacy is becoming increasingly important. Obviously, you must comply with legislation – especially with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – to protect your organisation against sanctions. You are also at risk of reputation damage if you don’t sufficiently secure your customer data against data leaks. Your customers expect you to be GDPR-compliant and you expect the same from your suppliers. Where to start?

GDPR compliance in 5 steps

We transpose the GDPR Directive into your organisation and IT and explain how you should approach your IT infrastructure to remain compliant. We do this in 5 steps:

  1. Awareness | We bring together the key players in your organisation and make them aware of what GDPR means for you.
  2. GAP analysis | Where is your data stored and who has access to it? What has your organisation done to date and what must it do to be GDPR-compliant?
  3. Implementation plan | When should you take which steps to achieve GDPR compliance and what do you need for this?
  4. Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA) and Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA) | What is the risk of a data breach and how can you minimise this? What to do in case of a breach or a request for access or removal?
  5. Privacy by design | How to integrate IT privacy in your infrastructure and processes to ensure your GDPR compliance is not affected?

The result? You need a clear action plan to become and remain GDPR-compliant so that you can use your IT privacy as a sales argument for new and existing customers.

Why customers entrust us with their IT privacy?

  • Specific action plan | You won’t catch us using legal jargon: we approach GDPR as IT professionals, closely monitor the latest technological developments and show you how your organisation can best protect its data, at all times, and continue to do so in the future.
  • Clear priorities | We map where your organisation is most at risk and start by closing these “leaks” first so you enjoy the highest level of protection as soon as possible. This buys you time for the next steps towards full GDPR compliance.
  • More than a DPO | We are obviously certified DPOs, but that’s not all. People, processes, hardware and software: you will better understand the bigger picture of IT privacy because of our background in IT management and infrastructure.
  • European network | One action plan for all your sites? No problem. We are often asked to contribute to the formulation of relevant European regulations, meaning we know them inside out. Moreover, we can rely on a European network and we’re multilingual.

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