IT infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure guarantees your organisation’s continuity. We make sure you find the best solution for your needs and ensure a seamless start-up, refit or migration.

A renewed or new data centre: where to start?

You’d like to develop or renew your data centre’s IT infrastructure and need help to justify this investment within your organisation? You’d like to gain an insight into all the latest trends and available technology on the market? You want to be certain that you provide your suppliers with the right criteria for your IT needs?

Just imagine…

  • You have a clear idea of your organisation’s IT objectives, both in the short and long term.
  • You challenge your suppliers to devise smart and creative proposals in order to achieve them.
  • You select the IT infrastructure that seamlessly ties in with your organisation’s needs.

The result? An IT infrastructure that is as efficient, energy-efficient and secure as possible, that supports your organisation’s continuity and is compliant with regulations.

This is how we help you build your IT infrastructure:

Procurement: have your suppliers do the thinking

Your IT supplier will always supply what you ask for. But do you really need it? We know how to ask the right, open questions and push candidate-suppliers to make full use of their expertise and think along with you to devise creative solutions.

Tender: make sure your objective and questions are crystal-clear

Often you don’t get to consult with the candidate-suppliers in a tender. That’s why it is important that you ask the right questions and make the objective of your IT infrastructure crystal-clear. We gladly assist you with this.

Refit or migration: assure continuity

IT is crucial for your organisation so avoid unscheduled disruptions. Planning, budgeting, business cases, the selection and coordination of suppliers: we ensure a seamless refit or migration of your IT infrastructure, thanks to our extensive experience.

Why do customers rely on Certios?

  • A sound, well-founded budget | Whether you are considering the start-up, refit or migration of your datacentre, we make sure you only pay for the IT capacity you need, avoid unexpected costs and can effortlessly justify your budget.
  • Compliant IT infrastructure | We are involved in developing new legislation and regulations and we closely monitor the most recent IT technology. We use this knowledge and experience to select the tools that will help you achieve compliance.
  • Customisation | We never copy/paste previous projects: your organisation and project are unique and deserve a custom approach. We make maximum use of the expertise and capacity that is available to you today.

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