IT research for European authorities

The European Commission organises IT research projects to generate more innovation and growth. We have already been asked to participate in several projects because of our experience.

How do we ensure Europe’s lasting relevance?

The European Commission wishes to define its digital agenda in order to stimulate innovation, privacy and security, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and safeguard the EU’s future in the process. In this context, it is often confronted with:

  • Outdated industry in some EU countries
  • The growing gap between the EU and the US and Asia
  • The EU’s dwindling influence on the global IT market
  • Protracted infrastructure and investment projects within the EU

IT research as a driver of growth and innovation

To turn the tide and remain relevant on a global level, the European Commission regularly commissions research projects that aim to generate more knowledge, employment and innovation and help create an independent industry and healthy economy.

At Certios we are happy to contribute to this process.

Why Europe relies on us?

  • Extensive experience | We have already helped map the IT infrastructure market (PEDCA), assisted the data centre purchasers of public authorities with energy-efficient procurement (EURECA) and the development of energy-efficient hardware (OPERA).
  • Administrative knowledge | We know what is required for a top-quality EU research project and a correct report because of our experience. What’s more, we are prepared to travel and comply with the agreements made.
  • Connective role | We look beyond our own expertise and actively work to connect the various partners in a consortium. This is our way of ensuring that a successful IT research project is completed within the deadline at the agreed budget.

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