Educating about IT infrastructure and research capabilities

The IT students at your university college are critical and set high requirements. We are able to meet these requirements with ease thanks to our contribution to European research and our work experience.

IT education in university colleges: a challenge

IT students set increasingly higher requirements and count on relevant knowledge. That is why your first concern as a Dutch university college should be to have top-notch lecturers qualified to teach at Higher Vocational Education and Universities with experience in the field. You are interested in developing an attractive and affordable curriculum with a good success rate but are confronted with the following problems:

  • A lack of lecturers, meaning classes are sometimes cancelled.
  • Complaints from students, which might generate negative publicity.
  • A budget that is exceeded, more often than not.

We believe that an alternative exists.

IT infrastructure and research capabilities

We believe in affordable, outstanding-quality lectures on IT infrastructure and research capabilities. As a small company, we are flexible and can quickly step in where necessary. Our objective? Practical, applicable knowledge that benefits your students.

These are our guarantees:

  • Relevant knowledge | We are aware of the latest developments in IT because of our contribution to European research projects and our daily work experience. We think of lecturing as an interaction, and learn from the study projects.
  • Interesting lectures | While part of the curriculum is already decided for you, you can still determine part of it yourself as a university college. We will gladly help you do this by drawing on our experience of what is relevant in the IT world. We are passionate about what we do and you can tell this is the case from the way we teach.
  • Exemplary role | You expect lecturers to set an example for students. We wholeheartedly agree with this and value quality, accuracy and attitude. It is our way of contributing to your good reputation.

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